Established in 2016, the trio Capri-Batterie wear the marks of their pre-history with unassuming pride. Noise, Rock, Soul, Electronica, Contemporary Classical, Free-Improv. Traces of all these can be found within the shifting tensions that permeate their experiments in sound. Revered for their low-key approach to high-end musical questing, the findings they lay down are definitely undefinable but without a doubt steeped in the deep waters of outer-limits jazz.

Matt Lord (founder of outsider label Omcore Recordings, performer in Glenn Branca's guitar ensemble, the originator of Poems In Stone and ex-frontman of Vatican X-ray Dept.) brings an angular, unconventional approach to his bass and saxophone duties. Lord is an avant-technician who adds an insistent bone of contention to any mix. 

Kordian Tetkov (performer with Nookie, Waulk Elektrik, Kagemusha Taiko and Art Lee/Tokara) offers up a painstakingly deconstructed attack on rhythm and metre. Drawing from a wide palette through extended percussive techniques Tetkov reaches beyond the regular limits of the conventional kit. He incorporates even further extensions of his sonic horizons through his extensive Gong practice.

Tim Sayer (having performed with the likes of The Levellers, Eddie Floyd, Joe Lois Walker, Ottis Grand and Pee Wee Ellis) presents a unique take on trumpet and keyboard playing. His extensive academic research into the relationship between performer and technology is evident in the multiversal nature of the aural cloud with which Sayer surrounds himself in play. 

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one track from capri-batterie's live set at cafe oto, london, november 2018


capri-batterie at Cafe Concrete - 29/07/16 from Greenbeanz Films on Vimeo.


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